About Us

Providing medical facilities across the globe with access to the best talent in the Philippines and India for over 30 years


Our Story

In 1989, WorldSource Healthcare Co-Founder and President Rick Pettigrew left his life as a financial planner behind to help his physician brother-in-law start a small medical services firm, Pettigrew Medical Services. For the next three decades, the Pettigrew team’s commitment to excellence and thirst for innovation helped the company grow, and more companies were founded under the Pettigrew umbrella, including WorldSource.

Today, the tradition of excellence is alive and well in the WorldSource team, making us the premier multinational resource for the healthcare industry. We are uniquely positioned at the forefront of the industry, with state-of-the-art facilities in Manila and Iloilo in the Philippines as well as Chennai, India. From our headquarters in Athens, GA, WorldSource utilizes cutting-edge infrastructure, university systems, and industry partnerships to maintain a talented, English-speaking workforce that is acclimated to Western culture.

What We Do for Our Clients

WorldSource finds and trains overseas talent in medical coding, billing, technical support, and call center support. We then outsource our team to provide a variety of services to medical organizations across the globe. Our clients have trusted us these many years because they can get their medical coding and billing needs fulfilled better, faster, and more affordably than if they hired more in-house employees.